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SHOCK As Man Marries Another Woman Whilst First Wife Gives Birth On The Same Day.

THE Chelston Local Court heard how a man of Lusaka married another woman after his wife went to the village to give birth.Chimika Mkandawire told senior presiding magistrate Lazarus Mwape that she was shocked to learn that her husband, Alfred Mvula, took in another woman while she was in the village.

“Unfortunately, the child died and I had to stay in the village for two years while waiting for my husband to send money for my transport back to Lusaka but this did not happen,” she said.
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Zambia Daily Mail reported that this was in a case in which Mkandawire, 25, sued Alfred Mvula, 37, for divorce. The couple got married in 2004 and has two children together. He paid K50 as bride price.

“After staying in the village for two years, I decided to return home to ascertain the rumours that my husband had taken in another wife.

“I discovered that the reports were true and my husband prevented me from returning to the village stating that I’m still his wife,” she said.

Mkandawire told the court that Mvula asked her to look for a house to rent but later abandoned her.

She said her husband failed to settle rentals and buy her food.

Mkandawire further told the court that her husband is fond of accusing his father-in-law of having a hand in their child’s death which she described as unfortunate.

But Mvula, who did not deny marrying another woman, said he was not ready for a polygamous marriage hence seeking divorce from Mkandawire.

“I’m not financially stable at the moment to support two women. This is why I told Mkandawire not to return to Lusaka but she still found her way back,” he stated.

Passing judgment, the court castigated Mvula for marrying another woman while married to his first wife.

“It is heartless of you to turn a woman into a sex object. Why did you ask your wife to go to the village to give birth? Could it be because you had intentions of marrying another woman?” the court questioned.

The court ended the marriage and ordered Mvula to pay Mkandawire K8,000. He was also instructed to pay monthly child support of K300.
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