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Donald Trump A Global Headache

The logical impossibility of the implications of the article entitled ‘Mad billionaire breaks up Republican party’ by my namesake, Brother Ken Mufuka, initially had me intrigued and then a bit perplexed.

Upon recovery, it got me thinking about the implications on the rest of the world in general and Africa, in particular, of a Donald Trump presidency. At the end of the article one point is clear. Brother Mufuka is clearly no fan of Mitt Romney. That is the easy part.

The harder, and perhaps more intriguing part of the article is that it is not clear what Mufuka’s views are on Trump. Big Trump is clearly running away with the Republican Party nominations. Like him or not, Trump’s message is somehow resonating with a lot of Americans within the Republican party.
Donald Trump A Global Headache
They are now drawn to him like flies to light during a dark night. Even award-winning, soft spoken, little understood Doctor Ben Carson has since joined the Trump train even after being the recipient of the typical Trump verbal vitriol. This Trump mom-entum/“phenomenon” is clearly to the shock of the whole world, myself included.

How can Trump triumph given the high levels of both verbal and physical violence in his talk and at his rallies? How can a man who incites so much division and anger within the American society have such a following?

Even the Republican party godfathers are taken aback and have had to back off a hurried embrace of Trump. Romney was the poisoned arrow who was sent to start an assault on Trump’s momentum and hopefully stop him from winning the Republican party nominee.

Too little too late, if you ask me.

President Barack Obama and indeed most people regarded Trump with ridicule as they considered him obnoxious, politically incorrect and hence clearly unelectable. His campaign starved of policy gravitas, looked so much a hype and destined for an early premature death. Boy, how we all got it wrong!

So in part Mufuka is clearly also shocked and has commenced his arduous journey through the seven stages of grief. His article exhibited that he has just graduated from shock and is in the denial mode.

Most people, even within the Republican party have since gone past these stages and past depression and are slowly settling in to accept the indigestible possibility that Trump might not only be the Republican party nominee. He might even ascend to the United States presidency!

Here are the issues that my brother Mufuka, myself and other thinkers must start processing.

1. In reality isn’t the affinity Americans are showing to Trump simply a glimpse of their hitherto well-hidden annoyance with women, blacks, Africans, Muslims and the rest of the world? All constituencies who have been attacked by Trump and his supporters.

2. Is it inconceivable that perhaps Trump is not inventing a new narrative. It could be just that his message resonates with the latent, deeply buried and closely guarded feelings by Americans that their space is being invaded by the world.

This invasion is manifested even by the fact that a black President has been allowed into the innermost chamber of country: The White House?

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