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Broke Businessman Demands Maintenance From Wife

DEBT-RIDDEN Rusape businessman, Barnabas Amos Nemaire, has approached the courts demanding maintenance from his wife and business partner, Victoria Nemaire, alleging that she deserted their matrimonial home.

Manica Post reported that Nemaire, who has separated with his wife of 26 years, has had series of misfortunes which include the closure of his school, Watermark College and attachment of property and cars.

Last week, his two school commuter omnibuses which he was using to ply the Harare-Rusape route were attached by financiers, FBC Bank and Mega Link for failing to service debts.

In his court papers, Nemaire claimed that Nemaire was influencing financiers to reverse deals they had entered into together as husband and wife. He also argued that he no longer had a source of income.

“Sometime in November 2015, Victoria stole from the school and abandoned me. She later took all the school children and started to run a boarding house, leaving me unemployed. She phoned financiers to reverse the contracts we had with them.
Broke Businessman Demands Maintenance From Wife
“Since she moved out of our home she has neglected me and I have no source of income to fend for myself. She is interfering with every attempt I am making to fend for myself, yet she has an income from the boarding house she is running.

“She has been sending dangerous thugs to threaten me wherever I attempt to do business. She is a businesswoman and when employed earns approximately $2 000. I wish to claim maintenance for myself in the sum of $335 per month,” stated Nemaire who is not represented.

Nemaire was the first to file for maintenance late last year, but had to stop pursuing the matter on the advice of Nemaire’s relatives who were attempting to reunite the estranged couple.

However, the deal did not take place as Nemaire allegedly refused to reunite with his wife.

Mrs Nemaire, who is staying with the children, is now also pursuing her $6 600 maintenance claim from Nemaire.

Mrs Nemaire who is represented by Munyaradzi Manyengavana of Chiwanza and Partners argued that Nemaire had virtually turned his back on his family as he was no longer providing basic needs such as food, fees and rentals for his five minor children.

“He (Nemaire) does not maintain his family at all since May 2015 to February 2016. I wish to claim maintenance for myself in the sum of $2 000 and $920 per month for each of the five minor children making a total of $6 000 per month,” she said.

The case was transferred to Nyanga and will be heard on March 18 after Nemaire had told the magistrate, Mrs Elizabeth Hanzi that he was not comfortable with the matter being heard in Rusape.

He had opted to have the matter heard at Murambinda as he had other pending cases at Rusape court. He also argued that the media was also following him.

However, Manyengavana argued that Nemaire could not chose a court he wants and he is the one who brought the matter to the court, so he must not inconvenience the respondent.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated matter, Rusape businesswoman, Ms Gladys Svosve, has approached the courts seeking a peace order against Mrs Victoria Nemaire whom she alleged was disturbing her peace.

Mrs Nemaire is claiming that Svosve snatched her husband, Barnabas Nemaire and wrecked her 26-year-old marriage.

“On numerous occasions, she sends different men to my house. On February 17, 2016 a group of eight men stormed my residence claiming that Victoria had come with them and pointed at my house for them to come in.

“I have no choice, but to ask for court to protect me, my children, my work place as we are under security threat. Victoria should not be allowed near my work place along Robert Mugabe Street and at Brainstorm school where my daughter is schooling. She must also be stopped from gossiping malicious unfounded allegations which are unsubstantiated to discredit my wellbeing in the community and in business. This is my prayer,” stated Svosve in her papers.

Mrs Nemaire, who is represented by Manyengavana, denied ever breaching Svosve’s peace and questioned the basis and validity of her application.

“I do not even know where the applicant stays. Svosve is vindictive, malicious and bent on silencing me hence this false assertion. I do not pose any security threat at all to Svosve or any member of her family. It is Svosve who can be a security threat to me due to her violent nature. Svosve is a trigger happy woman. . .Svosve snatched my husband, I never asked her.

“At Brainstorm, I have two children attending classes there and I do not know that applicant’s children also attend school there. I do not want anything from applicant’s workplace as there is nothing for my consumption or attention there.

“Applicant is a busy body who is so fond of mounting baseless court applications. In the circumstances, I accordingly pray that this court application be dismissed with the contempt it deserves,” said Mrs Nemaire.

In proceedings which took place in magistrate, Mrs Hanzi’s chambers, Svosve applied that the matter be transferred to Murambinda as she was a public figure in Rusape. She also said there was no media attention in Murambinda.

Mr Manyengavana opposed Svosve’s court shopping saying she must not be allowed to specifically name a court she wants her matter to be heard.

However, Hanzi referred the matter to Murambinda and will be heard on
Source: Manica Post

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