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A 'Scary Weekend' for Kendall Jenner; Opens up About Harry Styles

Weekend was a bit scary for Kendall Jenner, why? She had a narrow escape of the car that went in the backward direction.

According to ET, last week after attending the Milan’s Fashion Week in Italy, she was travelling back to her hotel and escaped from getting injured. As soon as Kendall Jenner reached hotel, the driver hopped out to escort Jenner but his mind slipped off to park the car. The vehicle went off in backward direction hitting her slightly and scaring her off.

The car got a dent while the incident occurred hitting the pole, luckily both Jenner and the driver escaped from the injury. Even though she was shocked post the mishap, maintained her pace and hurriedly walked towards her hotel; nothing could stop the 20 years old model from getting unnoticed by the reporters.
A 'Scary Weekend' for Kendall Jenner; Opens up About Harry Styles
While talking about her relationship with Harry Styles, she mentioned that he wasn’t ready for serious commitment and behaved very casual. She further spilled the beans for her future partner that she needs someone who could be with her every step and work it out mutually, reports Inquisitr.

Even though St. Barts vacation seemed to be happening and looked promising between them, nothing really fueled up and the story came to an end. Both chose separate paths, Styles went on his way to aspire his longing dream and Jenner is busy with her career as well.

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are really working hard to achieve their goals. Hope both get paid for their hard work. What do you think about the relationship between the two budding stars? Don’t forget to share your views below in the comment box.

Stay tuned for more news update.

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